Bauska Castle
Bauska Castle is situated on a picturesque location – at the confluence of rivers Musa and Memele. It consists of a Livonian Order fortress, built in 15th century, its forepart was transformed into residence for Kurzeme Duke at the end of 16th century, and fortifications of 17-18th centuries.
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Rundale Palace
Rundale Palace – one of the most outstanding monuments of Baroque and Rococo style architecture and art in Latvia.
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Museum of Regional Studies and Art of Bauska
Museum of Regional Studies and Art of Bauska is located in the oldest part of the town centre – Town Square that is near the vital traffic road – Kalna street.
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Exhibition of Museum of Cars
Here you may take a look at a tractor “International” which was made in 1915’s in USA as well as at Lorry “Albion” made in year 1916, which both were bought in 20’ies for needs of Latvian army. Without cars it is also possible to see different household objects, music instruments, radios and other historical values.
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Mezotne Palace
The history of Mezotne Palace started in 1795 when the Russian Empress Catherine II gave Mezotne manor for ever in charge of Charlotte fon Liven who was the tutor of her grandchildren.
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Country Estate
It is possible to take a look at 19th century country estate, living house, two granaries, cattle-shed, threshing barn, house of watermills, craftsman’s studio and smith’s forge. Furniture, dishes, clothes and tools placed in the premises are describing lifestyle and culture of farmers and country craftsmen.
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Mūsa - Sports Complex
"MŪSA" is the only European level auto-racing track in the Baltic states.
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Beer Brewery „Bauskas alus”
The Brewery`s main quality is its traditions. Regardless of its constant advancements, its team stays loyal to old and classic brewing technology.
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